Fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull vs Real: Important Details You Should Definitely Pay Attention To (With Photo Examples)

Neverfull is a signature Louis Vuitton bag. It’s extremely popular among the fans of the brand, and, as a result, it is the most counterfeited designer purse on the planet! A Neverfull purchased on the Louis Vuitton website or one of the official boutiques is 100% authentic. But most people buy their first LV bag as a pre-loved item risking coming across a cheap fake that is why this fake Louis Vuitton vs real comparison is a must-read.

I have my own luxury consignment store and get dozens of purses for sale and authentication (by the way, here is How To Start A Luxury Consignment Business Even If You Have Zero Investment). It’s impossible to count the number of Neverfulls I’ve seen and held in my hands. Dealing with bags regularly, I can say that, sadly, fakes are getting better and better. Forgers do their best to fool buyers, that is why each second-hand purse should be properly examined.

In this article, I will reveal some secrets of my work showing you the actual photos of fake Neverfulls I have got. Some of them look almost real! Of course, there are hundreds of Neverfull real vs fake comparisons (and we also already have one – Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM: This Fake vs Real Comparison Will Blow Your Mind, it is a must-read if you haven’t done it yet), but today we will focus on the least obvious details that always help me to spot a fake. Enough of overall leather quality, let’s dig even deeper and talk about stitching, engravings, hardware, glazing and clasps.

Get all your attention!

1. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram: Fake vs Real

What are your thoughts about this bag? Looking suspiciously real! Good shape, flawless LV Monogram pattern. Might have been crafted by a skilled French artisan? That’s what I was thinking before I started to examine it closely.

In fact, this Neverfull is a fake. Yes, that’s right! There are some details giving that away. For example, the shape itself of the leather element connecting the cinches to the body of the bag. If you look closely, you can see that it is a rough and inaccurate copy. Also, pay attention to the position of the metal pin, it should be centered, and on the fake it is not.

And there’s more to add! The stitching on the handles and on the leather trip is screaming “I am a horrible fake!”. It looks sloppy and uneven.

The red glazing might seem amazing, before you learn the bitter truth: it’s not the original hue. If we speak about the Monogram canvas, it is never that red. You can see the correct glazing in the picture on the right – it’s more of a maroon or pecan shade.

The first thing to keep in mind while authenticating is that details can tell it all! But this was just a warm-up, get ready for a real challenge.

Another gorgeous LV Neverfull that I received for authentication. What do you think about it? Is it worth putting a huge price tag on? Would you love to have this bag in your collection?

 No more suspense! Again a fake!

What gives away a fake? Glazing, again. It looks as bright as a sunny day in Florida! The original glazing is darker and less reddish.

And now a special test for the most attentive! To understand this bag is a fake I had to compare the engraving on this small pin inside the purse. The difference is more than obvious. The font on the fake one is thinner than on the authentic one and the embossing is not as deep. 

The exterior pin is copied way better, it looks almost the same as on the original item. This detail of the bag looks quite good overall: neat stitching, correct shape of the leather element. But I already know this bag is a counterfeit (because I checked the interior pin, too). And I would like to repeat once again: pay attention to everything, especially to hidden and tiniest details.

The next pictures might be quite shocking. These are two heat stamps, and both look just perfect. The scary part is that one of them is a fake. 

Most articles on fake Louis Vuitton vs real comparisons advise us to pay attention to the heat stamp. Well, here it is! A perfectly copied LV embossing on a cheap counterfeit. That’s why it’s always better to order a professional authentication. Otherwise, you might be hit by an ugly truth: some fakes are so incredibly good that look like original bags.

Another Neverfull Monogram that looks amazing! The pattern, the structure, there seems to be nothing wrong with it. What’s your opinion? Ready to spend money on it?

Please, put your wallet away, because this purse is another example of a good counterfeit. How do I know it?

Let’s look at the leather elements for the cinches again. What do we see?

  • Wrong size, it’s slightly bigger on a fake bag than it should actually be
  • Incorrect shape, the element is longer than necessary
  • Metal pin is not positioned properly because of a big size of the element itself. There’s too much space around it
  • And, on top of all, the glazing is running.

Heat stamps on all the fakes are getting an award for the best copy ever. There’s literally no difference between them. Scary, right? Here’s another lesson to learn: never rely on the quality of the heat stamp only.

When authentication your Neverfull, don’t forget to check the pouch. This small detachable accessory usually comes with the bag. All purses before 2014 were released solo, the small pochette is a feature of recent models. They might be counterfeit too. How to spot a fake pouch?

The heat stamp inside will be your guiding light. In the photo above the heat stamp is a from a fake bag. To be honest, a pretty good one, though. But let’s list the significant features of an LV heat stamp:

  • It should be a perfect square, the stitching should be neat
  • The logo comprises 4 rows
  • The logo is always perfectly centered
  • Letters “O” are round (never oval);
  • Letter “L” has a short tail
  • Ts in “VUITTON” almost touch each other.

2. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Ebene: Fake vs Real

Let’s take a look at another model. Neverfull Damier Ebene is as popular as Monogram, and is often counterfeited, too. What do you think about this item? Worth your savings?

 Hopefully, you never get this bag, because it’s a fake!

It’s again the engraving on the pin that’s waving a huge red flag. The font is wrong, letters are uneven and poorly embossed, some of them are bigger than others.

The heat stamps look very much alike. That’s actually scary when you’re looking for some flaws but can’t find any. However, there is one difference that points to a fake, and it is the color of the zipper. It’ should brown on the real Louis Vuitton Neverfull, and on the fake it is red matching the color of the interior lining. 

If you like this model, be sure to check our shop. We have a Neverfull MM Damier Ebene in nice condition and 100% authentic.

The same model, but another item. And more details to discuss. Does it look like an original Louis Vuitton Neverfull? It does, until you take a closer look. Let’s see some failures I found.

Heat stamps are starting to be actually scary. Of course, the color of the zipper is wrong on the fake. But comparing two heat stamps side by side it’s hard to notice any difference in fonts. The only thing that points to the counterfeit is the uneven and crooked stitching at the bottom. Nothing like that can ever appear on an original LV bag.

Here’s more to come!

I bet you would have never checked this detail, but I just can’t help but to tell about it. You probably know that Neverfull has no secure closure, instead there are two clasps on both sides. Let’s check this tiny thing. 

The stitching on the leather element differs from the original piece. It’s higher than necessary. 

Another interesting thing is the interior lining. The black lines on the fake Neverfull are sloppy. Obviously not a sign of a skilled work.

Devil has some many faces, you never know what to look for! If you want to get 100% guarantee that your Neverfull is a real deal, order a professional authentication. It costs symbolic $10, but will save you hundreds of dollars!

Otherwise, you risk to end up with one of the super fakes I am about to show you below.

3. Super Fakes: Louis Vuitton Monogram

What would you say about this model with gorgeous patina? Amateur authenticators often say that it’s a definite sign of original LV bags. There’s an opinion that leather on fakes looks plastic and unnatural. Yes, that’s true, when the fake is poorly made.

The bag above is also a counterfeit. Manufacturers did an excellent job to make it look like an authentic Neverfull. The leather doesn’t look cheap or plastic, on the opposite, it has patina and gives an impression of a gently worn item. But nevertheless, it’s not worth your money and attention, because it’s 100% fake.

Let’s see which detail was a crucial giveaway!

The heat stamp is again a perfect copy. It meets all the criteria mentioned above: letters, rows, shape, font and position. It would soon be excluded from the list of details to pay attention to when authenticating a Neverfull, just because fakes are far too good.

We haven’t talked about date codes yet, because there’s been no need. But this bag looks so real, that it requires a further and more thorough inspection. What do we see?

The date code looks authentic: starting from 2007 Louis Vuitton uses 2 letters and 4 digits to stamp their bags. Moreover, there’s a real date code starting with VI (that means a purse was made in France).

What surprised me here were the skills of counterfeit manufacturers. Usually the date code on a small leather tag faces the inside of the bag but in 2007-2008 the font of the date code was facing outside. Forgers got it so perfectly right! If not for the obviously bad quality of this date code, I would have thought the bag was real.

4. Super Fakes: Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Azur

A stunning Neverfull in navy colors is another item for a fashion hunt. You can find a pre-loved LV Neverfull MM Damier Azur in our shop, we guarantee 100% original pieces. As for the purse you see above, it didn’t pass the authentication test. What’s wrong with it? Let’s find out!

The first thing to pay attention to is again the date code. Such a code actually exists, but be careful when seeing it on second-hand LV bags. Lots of counterfeit goods feature this very combination: AR1169. Before buying a bag consult a professional, and order an authentication. It will save you from stress.

This purse is an example of an excellent fake! Only the date code was a crucial giveaway. If you want to learn more about them, be sure to check our articles A Complete Guide to Louis Vuitton Date Codes (500 Photo Examples)  and New Louis Vuitton Date Codes 2019-2020.

Here’s another frightening heat stamp, it almost has no difference with the original. Counterfeiters learned how to copy fonts well.

The exterior of this Neverfull also has some elements revealing the truth. Let’s compare the pins again. We’ve already seen some pretty bad examples. The same can be said here:

  • The overall impression is that the fake one is not as pretty, it looks a bit sloppy. You immediately think that there is something wrong with it. 
  • The shape of this element is not exactly right either. 
  • Glazing is running again. If you zoom the left photos you will spot it immediately. Fashionistas don’t pay money for LV bags to lose their glazing. The bag on the left is a fake, though a super fake. 

Dealing with luxury bags every day makes it easier to spot a counterfeit. But even pro authenticators have to constantly upgrade their skills, have a sharp eye along with the proper knowledge to tell a real bag from a fake one. Counterfeit bags are getting better each year, forgers flawlessly copy the smallest details. As you have seen from the examples in our fake Louis Vuitton vs Real comparison, the elements to spot a fake can be found everywhere. What should you pay attention to to protect yourself from cheap fakes?

Here are some golden rules:

  • Buying a pre-loved item, pay attention to the smallest details
  • If possible, examine the item not by photos, but in reality
  • Compare the bag with the same original model (same size, same year)
  • Always order professional authentication. 
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