In Search Of this Givenchy piece! 😍

  • In Search Of this Givenchy piece! 😍

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  • Anonymous

    October 24, 2018 at 4:16 am

    Are you looking for a specific Givenchy piece? 💖
    Feel free to use this topic to post what we are looking for and who knows? You may find your next dream purchase here!
    Please make sure to include your purchase price and delete your post once you’ve found your piece! 🦄 Good luck!

    * Before you post here, you can also search on Reetzy and see if there’s one listed already! Click on ‘Search’ icon to begin your search!

  • Alex Walker

    March 28, 2021 at 3:38 am

    Looking for Givenchy *studded* shark lock boots in any since that will fit 8.5-10. Gosh I have looked for these for YEARS. They have been this style item that totally describe my style all in one shoe. There is a young girl on eBay right now selling a pair that is a perfect fit. So I sold my wedding dress. I sold anything I could, grabbed what I could in savings and offered her what I could.

    These are so much more to me than boots and I explained to her that I’ve looked for these for years but for the last year they surged a very different purpose.

    I was hit by a drunk driver while walking my dog in front of my dads house last years and lost the ability to walk. Every day at physical therapy I use a photo of these boots to keep going. I sit in bed and depression gets the best of my most days but I was so excited. To find these. I offered her 1600,1700,1800 she declined. I really felt confident selling my wedding dress (it’s coming up ) because I thought if I have these boots I’d be happy wearing anything. A white suit whatever. It was worth it. But she has her price set at 2700 and said this Friday she’s taking them down so her mom can have them. Seeing as there seasons old I thought I may get lucky. These are the boots.

    Does anyone else know anyone who owns them and would sell them or anywhere I can find these?? Thank you so much!!!!! I’m a size 9 but I can make anything work for these guys! I appreciate y’all so much!!

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