#UnicornWednesday 🦄

  • #UnicornWednesday 🦄

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    November 9, 2018 at 12:02 am

    Hello LVOEs!
    It’s #UnicornWednesday !! 🦄

    Today is a day for members to post their unicorns!
    This can also be a day for members to show their dream bags, even if you can’t buy now, one can dream right?!
    So let’s get magical today and talk about our aspiring bag and hopefully make a couple dreams come true along the way!

    If you’re posting an ISO post today, simply make sure to use ‘IN SEARCH OF THIS LV PIECE!’ thread.
    Have fun! 😘
    * Including photos can make it even easier to find your unicorns!

    📷 by: Heiidy Alvarez (Group Member)

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