Louis Vuitton 2023 Cruise Collection WIll Make You Shine

Just a few days ago Louis Vuitton presented the 2023 Cruise collection in sunny California. Let’s see what’s their new take on the staples and the newcomers for the next summer season.

Overall, if you are fond of shiny metallic objects and prefer silvertone hardware, this collection will totally be a pleasure for your eye. All images are courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

New Limited Collections 2023

Among the new leathers presented, two specifically stand out. One is a shimmering blue monogrammed fabric that reminds of the previous 1864 and denim Mini Lin/Idylle collections. This collection was represented by Petite Malle, Dauphine and a new soft trunk handbag introduced in this collection.

Another collection that caught our eye is that with paint spots. Nicolas Ghesquiere undoubtedly has a soft spot for art motives and some colorful patterns that may look like they have just been painted, yet this seems like running of ideas.


I’m sorry but after James Gunn’s ‘Suicide Squad’ there’s only one association regarding possible ambassador of this collection: the Polka Dot man.

Now, on to all-time favorites, the Cruise collection represents renditions of Petite Malle, Coussin and Dauphine. What unites them all is silvertone hardware, which is not typical and quite refreshing for these handbags.

New Louis Vuitton Styles Coming In 2023

For those who opt for newness over classics, the French brand has prepared two styles that might become the next big thing for fashionistas in every corner of the globe.

First newly introduced style is a sleek flap with an S lock similar to the one on Metis or Petite Malle. There’s no specific name yet, however, the silhouette has already conquered the hearts of luxury lovers. Available in multiple materials and colors from solid metallic to color block, it offers a wide possibility to express yourself.

But then again, doesn’t it look like a modern variation of a Chanel Flap, only manufactured by Louis Vuitton? It’s hard not to notice the resemblance to the Chevron quilted leather, or at least to a YSL Envelope purse. Of course, they have changed some elements but it’s still a basic nice flap that every woman has in her closet.

Another new addition to the family is a relaxed version of a soft trunk. Louis Vuitton honors it legacy as a trunk maker and doesn’t miss a chance to use trunk-inspired motifs in new collection. As soft trunk were not enough, here’s an even softer take on the skilled craftsmanship that brought the brand in the spotlight in the first place.

Notice how much of Monogram canvas items this new collection presents. Next to nothing.



Based on this collection, two trends are obvious. First, metallic items are all the rage again. Second, Louis Vuitton is trying to move from traditional Monogram Canvas items to other types of leather. Well, as most leathers are more expensive than the canvas, it seems like on average prices of Louis Vuitton purses  will be going off the charts anyway.

These handbags will be available preloved in months. If you need to authenticate a secondhand Louis Vuitton item now, use our online date code checker. Note that it’s not a replacement for professional authentication.

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