Top 14 Transparent and See-Through Bags from Louis Vuitton

Over the last two dozen years Louis Vuitton surprised its lovers plenty of times. In 2001 they released the first limited edition collection, which revisited timeless pieces like Speedy and Keepall. As time went on, the French luxury house expanded the number of limited editions exponentially, offering a multiverse of styles and prints.

In this article we’ll explore one specific Louis Vuitton’s line which seems to be trending: transparent bags. Given see-through bags were part of almost any Louis Vuitton collection, you’ll definitely find something pleasing to your taste. Note that they’ll come in chronological order for your convenience.

Vintage Louis Vuitton transparent bags and purses

Modern Louis Vuitton collections do have a few see-through handbags. Yet as a vintage lover, you are free to choose from all the options listed below.

2000: Louis Vuitton Monogram Vinyl Ambre Sac Cabas GM Tote

A transparent vintage shoulder bag released in 2000, Vinyl GM was one of the first experiments of the fashion house. It’s a large bag (18.5″L x 7″W x 14″H) with iconic monogram print on vinyl that has vachetta handles. What’s more, this purse came with a separate small zip pouch. What a nice way to hide your valuable belongings.

2001: Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Vinyl Monogram Ambre PM Bag

Loved the previous piece but can’t stand large bags? Not a problem. Here’s a smaller version – a Sac Cabas Monogram Vinyl PM. Being two times smaller (9.25″/9.25″/3.94″), it’s a cute bucket-styled purse that will sprinkle your outfit with vintage vibes. It also comes with an internal leather pouch, still buying secondhand, be prepared that it doesn’t always come with a pouch. If you don’t see it on pictures, it’s a good idea to ask the seller if they still have the pouch.

2001: Louis Vuitton Vinyl Leather Clear White Epi Bhia Handbag

This purse appeared in 2001 and it pairs Epi leather print and vinyl. Like many other transparent items from Louis Vuitton, it has a separate pouch that comes with it. It’s quite a rare piece that doesn’t seem to be popular nowadays. What do you think?

2004: Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Vinyl Monogram Ambre Neo Cabas Cruise Bag

Here’s the most beautiful purse from the vinyl collection. Introduced in 2004, the Neo Cabas Cruise bag was a part of the Spring/Summer collection. Some details such as hardware goldtone studs or the handles remind a lot about the Multicolor collection. It’s not a coincidence: both purses were designed by the creator of the Multicolor collection, Takashi Murakami. It’s a precious item for a Louis Vuitton collector.

2012: Louis Vuitton Monogram Transparent Lockit East West Handbag

In 2012 Marc Jacobs, a Louis Vuitton’s creative director, brought a lot of new trends and limited editions in Louis Vuitton collections. For instance, he was inspired by feminine glamour to such extent that created this a bit strange-looking Lockit East West handbag released in a variety of colors. It was supposed to be as sweet and delicate as a marshmallow.

2012: Louis Vuitton Monogram Transparent Lockit Handbag

A full-sized Lockit handbag was a part of the same collection. It was produced in every leather and color that you might imagine, including this black and creamy version of monogram sheer nylon voile textile. If you’re interested in this handbag, be aware that there are a lot of replicas of this specific collection. Order a professional authentication or at least check its date code via our free Louis Vuitton date code checker.

2014: Louis Vuitton Comme-Des-Garcons bag with holes

It’s not exactly what we mean by saying ‘transparent handbags’ but it’s hard to argue that this bag is see-though. It actually came with a brown internal bag, which is very similar to a thick dustbag.

Being one of the most controversial French brand’s (it’s also featured in our list of the ugliest Louis Vuitton bags) 

Virgil Abloh’s era of transparent handbags

In 2018 Louis Vuitton appointed Virgil Abloh, the founder of the high end streetwear brand Off-White, a new artistic director of the men’s ready-to-wear.

Virgil has always had a soft spot in his heart for transparent handbags, time after time including them in each collection. 2019 was the first year with Louis Vuitton when he decided to experiment and introduced several new designs of an iconic Keepall.

2019: Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere 50 Mesh Yellow Boston Bag

Doesn’t look like a usual stale men’s collection with black, grey and brown as dominant colors, right?

What’s interesting, Abloh had its own concept of creativeness, which implied that the work of art is a new creation if it changed the original design by 3% only. If you examine the toile closely, it seems that he took some inspiration from the 2012 collection by Marc Jacobs.

Anyway, who need to know that if the bag is appealing, right?

2019: Louis Vuitton 2019 SS Prism Keepall 50 Boston Travel bag 

One of the most iconic collections created by Virgil Abloh is the Prism collection. Several pieces were produced in the eye-catching iridescent PVC canvas, including a timeless Keepall. This is a very popular limited edition and if you want to get hold of it, be ready to pay over the retail price. It’s unlikely you’ll find one at less than $5,000.

2019: Louis Vuitton 19 SS Prism Christopher Backpack