HELP!! Selling my Chanel Scarf

  • HELP!! Selling my Chanel Scarf

    Posted by Ashley Northcutt on July 30, 2020 at 11:39 pm

    Hi everyone! I need some help. I am needing to sell my Chanel scarf (cashmere and silk blend – Black with White CC logo on corners and white border) I do not know how to go about selling it.

    Do I need to have it authenticated even if I have my original receipt?

    I have never worn it and it was only taken out the night I got it. Do I need to take it out and take the pictures of it, if so, any suggestions on how to do that??

    Where and how is the best way to sell it? I live 2 hours between Dallas and Houston. Should I go somewhere there or try selling it and some purses I have online?

    My ONLY reason for selling my things is because of ‘life’ I guess. My daughter is leaving for college, so bittersweet. I have had some unexpected things come up and will be paying for my part and her dads part plus my son is starting high school… a lot of expenses coming up and I am having to part with it – BUT I love my kids.

    I now know where to find all the things I love so I can come back and get them again!! Any help and recommendations will mean more than you know!! Thank you 💗

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