Gucci Aria Collection Gucci Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

In 2021, Gucci, a Florentine luxury fashion house, celebrates 100 years. The first festive event was the Aria show with the anniversary collection. Gucci showed the Gucci Aria Collection (in Italian “air”), in which creative director Alessandro Michele has combined the anti-conformist rigor of Demna Gvasalia (Balenciaga’s new creative director) and the sexual tension of brilliant Tom Ford.

What Is Gucci Aria Collection?

In 2020, the brand announced that it was leaving the official schedule of fashion weeks and would hold only two shows instead of the usual five – Michele stopped playing by the rules of large corporations, squeezing all the forces and resources out of designers and consumers, and focused on awareness.

The Gucci Aria Collection is a kind of exhibition of Gucci’s achievements over the entire existence of the brand. And in it, Alessandro Michele demonstrated his version of the image of the future approved by the Kering corporation. In almost 100 looks in the year of the centenary, there was a place for all the main events from the history of the house of Gucci – the Savoy inscription (the London hotel where Guccio Gucci worked), elements of riding equipment (Gucci started out with suitcases and accessories for equestrian sports) and a red velvet suit (homage to Tom Ford, who was the designer of Gucci from 1990 to 2004 and introduced the same suit in 1996).

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Gucci & Balenciaga Collaboration

Collaboration of bright, original and desirable brands in the fashion world is always a great idea, and in the case of Gucci and Balenciaga – absolutely a win-win. These are two giant luxury brands that are owned by the Kering conglomerate – so, it is enough just to combine the logos to create a buzz.

However, creative directors Alessandro Michele and Demna Gvasalia went a little further. They brought iconic Balenciaga pieces and silhouettes to the world of Gucci: the stocking boots were diplomatically decorated with the Flora print, the bags were studded with Balenciaga logos, and the down jacket, on the contrary, was monogrammed with Gucci. One van also feel Demna’s touch in the suits, shimmering dresses and oversized coats.

Gucci Aria Collection: Handbags

Luxury accessories deserve special attention. Such collaboration proves once again that there are no rules in the fashion world, and the best creative decisions are made not with the head, but with the heart. Perhaps that is why one of the main accessories of the Gucci Aria Collection is a purse made in the anatomical shape of a heart literally studded with shining rhinestones.

The new versions of the Jackie 1961 bag are covered with the Balenciaga monogram. Thanks to this collaboration, monograms have covered each other’s it-bags (the Balenciaga logo on Jackie 1961, and Gucci on Hourglass). After all, this collection is a declaration of love. And such a postmodern love confession is just very much in the spirit of Alessandro Michele.

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Gucci Aria Collection: First Reviews

The new Gucci Aria Collection was greeted by the fashion society with excitement. “Sensuously, boldly, exquisitely, daringly” – here is an incomplete list of epithets with which fans from all over the world met the collection. Some called it “pure sex of old Hollywood”, others are impressed with such a unique logomania. Someone dreams of buying a new piece for a party. There are simply no people who are indifferent to this collection.

The Gucci Aria Collection is a story about how Gucci fashion house keeps up with the times and is not afraid to try new things. And we think that the main goal that Alessandro Michele pursues (to attract a new audience to the brand) will definitely be achieved.

Will purses from Gucci Aria collection become collector pieces? We are about to see. But there is a big chance that fans will run after these bold and statement purses after they are out of stock, so you can resell them at a good price. If you are actually interested in reseller business, here is How to Become a Luxury Handbag Reseller: Tips and Trciks Based on My Personal Story 

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