Louis Vuitton 2020-2021 New And Upcoming Releases

Every year fashionistas across the globe wait impatiently for new high-end collections of their favorite brands. This year is not an exception! Although, it has been quite difficult in many aspects, it didn’t prevent fashion houses from releasing new bags. 

We have seen the first glimpses of Louis Vuitton new and upcoming releases and can assure you that designers have done a great job. They used this difficult time to find new sources of inspiration, to look deeper into their desires and needs, to find the link between past and present, and, of course, to present their own image of the future. All this resulted in stunning new and upcoming collections we are eager to discuss with you!

Let’s get started!

‘Since 1854’ Collection

Without any exaggerations this release is one of the most expected. The year 1854 is the start of Louis Vuitton’s history, and the designers tried to emphasize the importance of heritage and traditions. What to expect from this release?

First, it’s a new fall motif and the introduction of a new Monogram pattern! Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière has certainly created a print that has all the chances to become iconic.

Even by the first glimpses of the new bags you can say that the world is about to meet a new hit. Moreover, the fashion house reinvented its most legendary models such as Speedy or Pochette Metis in warm burgundy and rich khaki Monogram, making fashionistas all over the world impatient. We find this cozy nostalgic pattern perfect for Fall/Winter 2020. Find out more in our recent article: Louis Vuitton ‘Since 1854’ Collection Pricing & Photos (Fall/Winter 2020)

ArtyCapucines Collection

First introduced in 2013, the iconic Capucines bag is getting a contemporary touch this fall after last year’s success. There’s too little space for the art in museums and galleries, so it’s coming to take a place in our wardrobes. Six talented painters and sculptors from different countries have worked with the fashion house to create real pieces of art. Six various and unique designs will be available in limited amount: only 200 items of each bag have been crafted, so you can actually snatch a rare gem for your collection. These purses have elements of artists’ works and reflect their souls as well as their countries’ cultures. Let’s learn a bit more about them!

Beatriz Milhazes, Brazil for Louis Vuitton ArtyCapucines 

A kaleidoscope of colors and textures decorates a plain white Capucines bag. 18 different types of leather are used to make hypnotic ornaments, which makes it truly unique. The bag reminds of the colorful Brazilian Carnival.

Lui Wei, China for Louis Vuitton ArtyCapucines 

A modern and brave design of this bag was inspired by Lui Wei’s installation Microworld. Several leather petals in silver were attached to the exterior forming a 3D ornament. With black plexiglas handles and original decorative elements the bag looks futuristic.

Henry Taylor, USA for Louis Vuitton ArtyCapucines 

This American artist placed a portrait of his close friend and painter on the bag. To reproduce the portrait accurately on the leather several techniques and kinds of printing were used.

Jean-Michel Othoniel, France for Louis Vuitton ArtyCapucines

This bag was inspired by traditional French straw baskets and charming elements. Jean-Michel’s work is both simple and stylish. Pastel colors, playful charms reminding of one of his sculptures and excellent materials make this bag a modern must-have!

Josh Smith, USA for Louis Vuitton ArtyCapucines

An expressionist from New York made a canvas version of the Capucines bag. He used two of his famous works to create a bright and striking design for contemporary fashionistas. The lining inside the purse is also printed with one of the Josh’s paintings.

Zhao Zhao, China for Louis Vuitton ArtyCapucines

Impressive and elegant design made by the Chinese artist is composed of more than 300 pieces of 5 leather types sewn together into a complicated composition. Numerous techniques were used to create this bag. This multi-textured purse looks mysterious and attractive.

Other Upcoming Releases From Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2020 Runway Show 

Playing with styles and epochs is one of the features of the new Louis Vuitton collection. If the ‘Since 1854′ pattern brings us back to a cozy fall in Paris of the 19th century and Artycapucines collection is futuristic, then the next accessory represents a truly royal style. A new small bag made of shiny leather decorated with long chain along its crown-like silhouette bears an impressive silver crest with the LV symbol. The range of colors proves its status: mesmerizing gold and deep red will be the center of attention everywhere! We already imagine this accessory in celebrities’ hands going to parties and official ceremonies. 

Louis Vuitton decided to have nothing less but every possible design this year. After reflections of the past, we saw glimpses of future on the runway show. So what would be coming next after a richly decorated bag? Of course, a simple purse! Photographers paid special attention to structured top-handle bags resembling Hermes Birkin and generously took thousands of pictures of this new release from every angle. Thanks to that, we can spot some similarities and differences.

What do these two bags have in common? Well, obviously a simple but elegant design. A new LV purse has no prints or decorations. We also noticed leather straps on the sides of the purse and a hanging clochette, typical for Birkin (by the way, it is one of the details that can reveal a fake, if you want to more, read our guide on how to spot a fake Hermes Birkin. ). But most important are the differences that make this structured bag unique. It’s of rectangular shape with rounded edges. Each bag has two colors: the main shade is for the bag, the additional one is for details like handles, straps and clochette. Possible combinations are classical: white and black, black and brown, khaki and black.

If you still ask yourself ‘How can Louis Vuitton impress me even more?’ read about another structured bag that is coming out soon. It is crafted in the shape of a perfect semi-circle. With a long zipper running along the sides of this purse it seems to be convenient to use. A design is simple, with two top handles matching the tone of the bag, a small chain linking one of the handles and the LV inscription on the front.

Cruise Game On 2021 Collection 

With travels on pause Nicolas Ghesquière had enough time to rethink the idea of the new Cruise collection. The triumphant comeback was given the name ‘Game On’ to remind fashionistas that a great adventure can be found anywhere, as long as they are willing to find it. The main feature of the collection is suits in a deck of cards that create a playful motif with the legendary Monogram pattern. Some flowers are replaced with hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades. Creative director of Women’s collection explains his choice simply: the game of cards have been known and associated with travelers for more than 11 centuries. A deck of cards unites different people, serves to pass time on a journey and to have fun during a long trip.

Moreover, Ghesquière decided to bring more fun into fashion, creating unbelievable silhouettes of some bags. Heart- and cube-shaped, featuring suits and cards elements, these bags represent a brand-new look for stylish traveling. The collection is crafted in three color patterns: classical brown monogram and white or black with colorful monogram elements.

‘Message in a Bottle’ Men’s 2020-2021 Collection

Of course, we can’t help but mention a magnificent campaign by artistic director of Louis Vuitton Men’s collection Virgil Abloh. The theme of ongoing boyhood has resulted in creating a short movie about cartoon characters traveling from Paris to the fashion show in Tokyo. We can think of three reasons why it’s worth your attention. 

First, the idea behind this voyage is to unite nations and cultures and to create a dialogue between the fashion house and its audience. Second, the upcoming collection would be partially made of recycled materials, combining looks used in the previous year with fresh ideas. Third, the bright palette, surreal patterns, accessories and use of puppets were inspired by Abloh’s Ghanian roots and cultural features. It’s not stated yet how much it relates to the bags, but we simply adore this ideology!

Do we love Louis Vuitton 2020-2021 new and upcoming releases? Definitely! There’s a lot to look forward to: a new Monogram pattern, old-fashioned and contemporary bags, simple and fun designs and a rich palette. We wouldn’t be surprised to see some items turning into it-bags! Which of the luxury accessories would be swept off the shelves? We are about to find out! In the meanwhile, share your thoughts about Louis Vuitton new and upcoming releases 2020-2021!

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