New Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Editions 2020-2021

If we were asked to name one it-bag of the era, it would undoubtedly be Louis Vuitton Neverfull. This model is a classic of the classics and the eternal love of fashion lovers. Practical, stylish, and affordable, it’s included in a lot of collections of the brand in different colors and patterns. Today, we discuss the most recent silhouettes in the LV family: new Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Editions 2020-2021.

If for some reason you are not a fan of classic prints, like Monogram or Damier, or want something exclusive to add to your bag collection, this article is for you! We have included 9 amazing editions of the same bag, so you’ll definitely find the one to give your heart to!

Let’s begin!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Editions 2020-2021

Since it was introduced in 2007 (hard to believe, huh!), Lois Vuitton Neverfull was released in different interesting prints to match any outfit and style. We already compiled a Full List Of Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Editions (Reference Guide) in 2019 and now, it’s time to add a few models to the list.

Our list starts from the most recent release (introduced as a part of the Louis Vuitton Fall 2021collection) and goes back to the beginning of 2020.

Hop on because we are about to begin!

Louis Vuitton Wild at Heart Neverfull

Collection:  Fall 2021 Wild at Heart.

Description:  crafted from Monogram Empreinte leather, this version was resealed in two soft and neutral colors – creamy and black. Each purse has braided top handles. Leopard print on the side straps and a leather tag give the handbags a playful look. Every bag comes with a small pouch in the same animal print as the elements of the bag.

The canvas version of Wild at Heart Neverfull has a large Monogram print inspired by old archival designs of the brand. It looks less official than the leather purses, but is still worth your attention.

Price: $2,260 for a canvas tote bag, $2,730 for a leather version (MM size).

According to purse forums and the official Instagram page of the brand, fans of the fashion house fell in love with this print! There were many complaints and regrets about the unavailability of the new models on the. Despite being the newest edition, this silhouette is not available for purchase online.

Do you like this sophisticated print? Check the full description of the capsule in our article Louis Vuitton Wild At Heart Collection: Handbags and Small Leather Goods. We personally think that Louis Vuitton Onthego is so amazing in this print!

Louis Vuitton By the Pool Neverfull

Collection: Summer 2021 By the Pool.

Description: made from coated Monogram canvas, this model exists in three colors: mist, light pink, and blue. The gradient pastel palette creates a stunning look, and the idea to add a giant Monogram print instead of the usual one was definitely great. The top handles and side straps are of a neutral beige hue. Each bag has a pouch in the same gradient and a double leather charm (in the shape of a flower and a leaf). What can be more summery and natural?

Price: $2,370 for a canvas version (MM size).

Summer is normally associated with bright and juicy colors, yet this collection was appreciated a lot by the fans of the brand. Plenty of fashionistas decided to add a stunning pastel Neverfull to their collection, even though they already have one in a classic print. Such admiration of the collection speaks for itself! Needless to say, the bags are not currently available.

Enjoyed this pastel chic? Check the full collection in our article Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection . And we move on to our next print in the list of Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Editions 2020-2021.

LV x UF Neverfull

Collection: this design was released as a part of the collaboration of the brand with the Swiss artist Urs Fischer in 2020.

Description: the exterior of the bag is covered with the reimagined Monogram pattern hand-drawn by Urs Fischer. The artist himself called it “a sketch from the memory”. The signature motif is barely recognizable here and is somewhat sloppy. The distinctive feature of this model is that the soft tufted motif is rendered on canvas, creating a 3D look. There are two color variations: black/white and red/black.

Price: $2,490 for a canvas tote (MM size).

If the previous Nevefull editions mainly got high praise from the audience, this collaboration got a controversial reaction. On one hand, there were people who enjoyed the fun and fresh reinvention of the classic purse. On the other hand, some luxury bag lovers confessed that the model looked “ugly”, and wouldn’t be sought-after. Well, time will tell!

Louis Vuitton Game On Neverfull

Collection: Cruise 2021 Collection.

Description: the classic Monogram print was transformed to add a playful look to a new collection. Some floral patterns were replaced with red hearts (to remind about the deck of cards). The elements of the signature motif are painted in bright colors: blue, red, and golden. Moreover, a large exterior pocket in the shape of a card was added to Game On Neverfull. This model was introduced in two colors: black and white.

Price: $2,170 (MM version).

The opinions again split. Some fans of the luxury brand started a real hunt for the coveted Game On Neverfull, others called it “tacky”, “too literal”, and “gaudy”. The negative comments mostly related to the simple way the idea was implemented. Users of the purse forums complain about the absence of wow-effect and jaw-dropping design.

Now, we are moving to the year 2020. All other bags from the list of new Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Editions 2020-2021 were introduced in the middle of the pandemic.

Louis Vuitton Shearling Neverfull

Collection: Fall/Winter 2020 Collection.

Description: a very unusual edition of Neverfull bag! Here, the exterior is made of leather and the top handles and side straps are crafted from Monogram canvas. Moreover, a furry trim along the upper edges of the bag gives it cozy winter vibes. The black surface of the purse is adorned with a large shearling LV logo in the center and bright floral patterns on both sides.

Price: $3,900 for MM size.

Both the critics and regular customers were happy to see such a cozy edition with a sophisticated design. Most opinions of this model were positive. However, unlike classic LV Neverfull, it’s hard to carry the whole year round and match all the outfits. Considering the hefty price tag, fashion lovers were not too excited about buying it.

Louis Vuitton Since 1854 Neverfull

Collection: Fall/Winter 2020 Collection.

Description: this edition is made from jacquard textile and exists in three colors (bordeaux, gray, and blue). Getting inspired by the wallpapers from the 1960s, the creative director of the brand invented a brand-new pattern “Since 1984”. Signature Monogram flowers and LV initials are combined with 1854s (the year when the history of the luxury fashion house began). Repeating geometrical patterns create a mesmerizing look.

Price: $2,170 for MM size at the moment of release.

Again, another controversial reaction about this edition. Mostly, people discussed the material, regretting the brand hadn’t crafted the same model in canvas. Others were saying they didn’t want to carry “a back of deck of cards”. Still, a certain number of fashion lovers expressed their big “yes” to the seasonal edition, being impatient to add one of the Since 1854 Neverfull to their collection.

Stunning bag for the fall, what do you think? Learn more about the collection from our article Louis Vuitton ‘Since 1854’ Collection Pricing & Photos (Fall/Winter 2020)

Louis Vuitton Crafty Neverfull

Collection: LV Crafty Capsule for Fall 2020 Collection

Description: this edition exists in two color schemes: caramel/cream and red/cream. The giant Monogram motif in black hues is accompanied by bold lines. The roots of such a combination are in the 1980s – when Neo-expressionism and graffiti art were popular. Top handles and side laces are adorned with Monogram floral patterns. The purses look eye-catching and impressive.

Price: $2,170 for MM size at the moment of release.

Most fans of Louis Vuitton didn’t appreciate the new collection. Some were afraid that this edition would look outdated several years later and saw no point in spending money on it. The users called the bags “garish” and featuring “war painting”. Yet a certain number of fashion lovers found them fresh and interesting.

LV x LOL Neverfull

Collection: League of Legends Capsule Collection which was announced at the end of 2019 and introduced in 2020.

Description: the iconic Monogram motif was covered by camouflage with the shades of white, gray, yellow, and graphite.

Price: $1,810 for MM size at the moment of release.

Inspired by an online video game League of Legends, this Neverfull bag turned to be a precious gift for both fans of the game and the luxury brand. Some people were proud of getting this edition as their first LV Neverfull. Even if this release went somehow unnoticed for ordinary lovers of Louis Vuitton, the fans of the game swept the entire collection off the shelves.

Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with the Riot Games (the developers of League of Legends) was quite a successful move. Do you want to see the results of other collaborations of the brand with famous artists? Check our article – Everything about Louis Vuitton Prints and Patterns and Popular Limited Edition Collaborations (With Photo Examples)

Louis Vuitton Escale Neverfull

Collection: LV Escale for Summer 2020 Collection.

Description: this edition is crafted from canvas and has an unusual color palette. One bag has three different colors (and three color schemes are available). The creative director of the brand said that he got the inspiration for such a layered coloring technique from the ancient Japanese method of folding and twisting the fabric before dyeing it. Actually, looks very colorful and summery!

Price: $2,060 for MM size.

The collection was launched at the beginning of the global pandemic after tough and long debates. Surprisingly enough, most fashion lovers found it cheerful and uplifting. Some called it “a nice distraction”. On the other hand, there were people who accused the luxury brand of thinking more about itself and the profit than the problems in the world. However, we found out How COVID-19 Affected The Luxury Market only way later after this release.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Patchwork Neverfull

Collection: Spring/Summer 2020

Description: stunning vibes of the 1990s came back with this collection. It looks like Louis Vuitton Neverfull of the past (yet we know the bag was introduced only in 2007). The exterior of the bag is a reinvention of Damier print – but with larger cells, in denim color and varying columns (they are neither neat nor checkered and really look like a patchwork). All Monogram motif elements are present on the bag: LV initials and floral patterns. The top handles and side straps are made of red leather (oh, this pop of red is just stunning!).

Price: $1,990 at the moment of release.

The collection got mostly positive comments and high praise. People were emphasizing the eye-catching contrast of the blue denim exterior and bright red details. Some users of the purse forums weren’t happy to get the vibes of the 1990s. Well, fashion is not here to please every single person, after all!

This was the last model in our list of new Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Editions 2020-2021 

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