Somewhere Over The Takashi Murakami X Louis Vuitton Rainbow

Japanese Pop Artist: Takashi Murakami

In 2000, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami collaborated with Louis Vuitton to produce an iconic variety of prints and luxury bag designs. Marc Jacobs, then creative director of Louis Vuitton, stated, “It has been…a monumental marriage of art and commerce…one for both the fashion and art history books.”


Fast-forward to today, and we can see that the marriage has lasted. As his designs continue to transcend time and trend, they continue to be one of our favorites. The rarest Louis Vuitton unicorns are his Multicolor Noir and Blanc collections. These have cemented themselves in pop culture and daily life. Found in the homes and wardrobes of both celebrities and everyday people, Murakami designs were discontinued in 2015 – but never forgotten.

Paris Hilton with Louis Vuitoon Multicolore Trunk

You can now find many of the rare unicorns on our site, even after their discontinuation. The partnership between Murakami and Louis Vuitton came to an end after 12 years, making it the longest collaboration the brand has ever had. It’s easy to see why these bags have such a cult following.

Jessica Simpson, at “NEWLYWEDS” premiere, 2003

MEAN GIRLS, Film Still of Cady Heron. 2004

Available in shoulder, crossbody, and more styles, Murakami styles are marked and renowned for their high art and colorful LV monogram. Instantly recognizable, these durable designs will never go out of style. At many price ranges, you can ensure that you will find something that fits your budget and personal style. Now, Murakami himself is thriving in commercial media. He can be found still designing and sharing his talent for art and high fashion in his home of Tokyo, Japan.

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