The Lost City Of Atlantis In Louis Vuitton Luxury

Atlantis is not just the fantasy realm submerged by water that inspired dreams and legends today. In 2016, Louis Vuitton created the unique and jaw-dropping Atlantis bag, featuring the iconic monogram canvas, distinctive padlock detailing, and shoulder strap. Fast forward to the Pre-Fall 2023 show in Seoul, and the Atlantis was reborn with a refreshed look.

The new Atlantis still sports an open-top design, two top handles with removable handle fastener, and an adjustable shoulder strap. However, the distinctive LV lock has been replaced with a classic leather luggage tag – which varies depending on the bag’s color design. Additionally, Louis Vuitton has upgraded and modified the Atlantis with a luxurious all-leather version available in both black and beige.  

The BB size will come in pink, light blue, and reverse monogram. When it comes to the reverse monogram offering – the bag is finished with a contrasting black leather shoulder strap and matching LV luggage tag. Meanwhile, the classic monogram is completed with vachetta leather detailing. In generally Louis Vuitton fashion, you will find the bag available in black and beige leather in the PM, and MM. And when Cruis 2024 releases, Atlantis options will also include sand-tone monogram canvas.

The Atlantis boasts a wonderfully simple design characterized by a soft, slouchy silhouette. Among the sizes, the Atlantis BB caters to those who prefer a minimalist approach. If you require a roomier option, the GM is a perfect choice. With its open-top design and unstructured form, the Atlantis offers plenty of space for all your belongings – like wallet, pouch, tablet and much more.

SizeDimensions (W X H in)
Atlantis BB6.7 x 6.7 in
Atlantis GM13.4 x 13.4 in

Louis Vuitton brought the Atlantis to their Pre-Fall 2023 show in Seoul, Korea on April 29. Models walked the Jamsugyo Bridge at the Han River along a lit waterfall. It was the brand’s first women’s pre-fall event in Seoul and likely acknowledges the growing importance of the Asian market beyond China. Shop the Atlantis and more styles like it today at Purse Utopia.

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