What Is Lambskin Leather And How Fashion Brands Use It

Lambskin is widely used by the best women’s clothing brands, such as Chanel and Dior, for manufacturing their most iconic bags. In this article, we’ll discuss what lambskin leather is, how it has become so popular, and how it compares to other types of leather such as goatskin, calfskin, sheepskin, and cow leather. In addition, we’ll examine the most popular lambskin leather bags from the world’s renowned fashion brands.

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What Is Lambskin Leather?

Lambskin leather is a type of premium leather sourced from the hides of young sheep, typically under the age of one year. The lambskin is highly praised for its softness, elegance and buttery texture, which sets it apart from other types of leather.

The leather’s youthfulness ensures a fine grain and minimal imperfections, resulting in a material that is both luxurious and visually appealing. Due to its premium quality, lambskin leather is commonly used in crafting high-end fashion apparel, accessories, and even luxurious upholstery.

Lambskin has a unique look and feel that makes it an attractive option for top designer bag brands and individuals looking for something different from traditional leathers like cowhide or pigskin. It’s soft and supple compared to other types of leathers, which makes it easier to work with when crafting clothing or accessories like handbags.

However, this same quality can make cleaning difficult because lanolin—the natural oil produced by sheep—is more likely to stain than other types of oils found in animal hides during slaughtering processes

Is Lambskin Leather Real Leather?

Yes, lambskin leather is real leather, although a lot of people are wondering about the differences.

To create lambskin leather, the hides of young sheep are processed through tanning and finishing methods to preserve and enhance the leather’s quality. The tanning process involves treating the raw lambskin hides with chemicals to make them resistant to decay and more pliable. After tanning, the leather is further processed and finished to achieve the buttery texture and desired color.

Is Lambskin Leather Good?

Indeed, lambskin leather is regarded as one of the finest materials in the world of fashion and luxury goods.

Lambskin boasts exceptional softness that makes it a favorite among top world’s designers and consumers alike. The lightweight nature of the leather also contributes to its appeal, offering comfort and ease of movement when used in garments like jackets and gloves. However, it is essential to note that lambskin leather requires proper care and maintenance to preserve its quality over time.

Some of the most iconic brands are using lambskin regularly in their apparel and accessories collections. 

Top Lambskin Leather Bags

Chanel Flap

what is lambskin leather bag chanel flap

Being the Chanel’s signature material, lambskin has become strongly associated with this French brand. For instance, one of the most popular lambskin leather bags in the world is Chanel Classic Flap bag. Its price hit the $10,000 mark in the US and it’s currently one of the world’s most expensive bags as well.

Lady Dior bag

what is lambskin leather bag dior lady bag

Another example of a finest designer purse crafted from lambskin is Dior Lady Dior bag. Available in a multitude of materials, this bag symbolizes the quality and luxurious touch. Lambskin leather is still widely used by Dior. Prices for these luxurious lambskin bags reach $7,000.

Louis Vuitton Coussin Bag

what is lambskin leather bag louis vuitton coussin

Even though this purse only originated a few years back, due to its plushy nature, it’s become the favorite The compact handbag is crafted from wonderfully soft lambskin leather with an infamous Monogram pattern. The bag contains a slim leather shoulder strap and a large chic chain, with a transparent detail to the front and back.

YSL College bag

Being one of the youngest signature bags from Saint Laurent, College has captivated the hearts of fashionistas by it’s sleek design and versatility. Eve though it’s available in several materials, there’s no doubt that its lambskin version is still the most coveted.

Is Lambskin Better Than Other Types of Leather?

Let’s now examine the pros and cons of lambskin compared to other types of leather.

Lambskin vs. Sheepskin

The terms lambskin and sheepskin are often used interchangeably, leading to confusion. In fact, lambskin is a premium type of sheepskin.

While both materials originate from sheep, there is a crucial distinction between them. As mentioned earlier, lambskin comes from young sheep, while sheepskin encompasses the hides of sheep of all ages. As a result, sheepskin can vary significantly in texture and quality, depending on the age of the sheep from which it is sourced. It’s generally much coarser than lambskin.

Lambskin’s desirability lies in its uniformity and softness, making it a more favored choice in luxury bags and other goods.

Goat Leather vs. Lambskin

Lambskin leather and goatskin leather share some similarities, but there are notable differences between the two materials. While both are soft and supple, lambskin tends to be even softer than goatskin. This is primarily due to lambskin being sourced from young sheep, while goatskin comes from mature goats, which results in a slightly coarser texture. 

Additionally, goatskin is generally more durable and has better water and abrasion resistance than lambskin. Therefore, when choosing between the two, the decision comes down to personal preference, with lambskin leaning towards a luxurious feel, while goatskin focuses on durability.

Calfskin vs. Lambskin

Calfskin leather is another sought-after material, especially when it comes to high-quality footwear and accessories.

Comparing calfskin and lambskin, both share a soft and smooth texture, but there are differences in grain patterns. Calfskin typically has a slightly larger grain pattern compared to the finer grain of lambskin. Moreover, calfskin tends to be much more durable and resistant to scratches, making it a preferred choice for products that require higher longevity.

However, those seeking ultimate comfort and luxury often opt for the sumptuous feel of lambskin leather.

Lambskin Leather vs. Cow Leather

Lambskin leather and cowhide leather are two vastly different materials with unique characteristics.

Cow leather is much thicker and more durable than lambskin, making it ideal for rugged products like belts and men’s jackets.

Conversely, lambskin, with its softness and finesse, is mostly used to  create delicate fashion pieces like dresses, gloves, and luxury handbags. The choice between these two leathers depends on the intended use and the desired qualities of the final product.

Having said that, both leathers are widely used by luxury brands. While lambskin is frequently used by Chanel and Dior, cowhide leather is a signature material for Louis Vuitton canvas bags.


Lambskin is one of the softest leathers in the world. While its advantages include buttery feel and luxurious texture, one of its biggest disadvantages is low resistance to scratches.

Is Lambskin Leather Expensive?

Lambskin leather’s luxurious appeal often raises questions about its affordability. As a premium material with superior softness and appearance, lambskin is indeed one of the more expensive leather types available on the market. The labor-intensive process of sourcing and tanning lambskin hides contributes to its higher price tag.

Additionally, the high demand for luxury products made from lambskin also affects its cost. However, for those seeking the ultimate in comfort, style, and luxury, the investment in lambskin leather purses and other accessories is often considered worthwhile.


Lambskin leather is a symbol of luxury and sophistication, captivating fashion enthusiasts with its unmatched softness and timeless elegance, as well as direct association with the top designer bag brands.

Although lambskin leather comes with a higher price tag, its undeniable allure and versatility make it a coveted choice for those seeking a touch of opulence in their everyday lives.

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