Will Chanel Fix My Bag? Everything You Need to Know About Chanel Repair

Chanel bag is not just an expensive accessory, it implies a certain relationship with the fashion house. Belonging to the Chanel family means having a luxury experience and multiple benefits, including repair services. With the constantly changing policy of the brand, fashion lovers keep asking on the forums – “Will Chanel fix my bag?”. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about Chanel repair.

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Meanwhile, let’s learn more about Chanel repair services!

How Long Does a Chanel Bag Last?

Who doesn’t expect exceptional quality when spending a huge sum of money on designer goods? It seems obvious that any Chanel purse should serve forever and never get damaged, right? However, it is actually the other way around!

The lifespan of a purse depends on multiple factors:

  1. Material – some are more delicate than others;
  2. Frequency of use – not all Chanel bags are for daily carrying;
  3. The area you live in – not all leathers can stand damp or sun;
  4. Correct cleaning and storage. Read all about it in our article How to Store Your Designer Bags?
  5. General care – not everyone is ready to baby the purses and be gentle when carrying them.

The key factor, however, is the leather. Some of the materials that are used by the manufacturers of the French luxury brand are soft and require utmost care. Check our Ultimate Chanel Leather and Material Guide: Which Chanel Leather Is Better? with useful recommendations on care and treatment.

Most leather handbags have a surprisingly long lifespan, and can last for decades if cleaned after each use and stored properly. As a result, they can be passed from one generation to another. Still, no one is safe from occasional manufacturer flaws or typical wear and tear.

For this very purpose, there is Chanel care program. As we’ve already mentioned, it has recently changed. So you might wonder now if the fashion house will accept your precious item for repair. This is what our next part is all about!

What Is Chanel Bag Repair Policy?

In April 2021, Chanel updated its policy, introducing a few important changes that you have to know before purchasing a handbag. The goal of the program called “Chanel et moi” (“Chanel and me”, if translated from French) is to make customer experience better.

Let’s see what has been changed!

  • Any purse or WOC (wallet on the chain) purchased in April 2021 and later now has a five-year warranty period instead of just one year.
  • Warranty starts from the date of purchase.
  • Chanel accepts only authentic accessories for repair.
  • Replacement and repair are still available for all bags (if the repair is possible).
  • Proof of purchase is necessary for some repair services.
  • Refinishing, spa, and refurbishing are only available for handbags under 5 years old.

There have been lots of rumors going around. Some claimed that the French brand will give repair priority to VIP clients and owners of rare and exclusive collections. Yet, they were not confirmed by the Chanel spokesmen.

The prolonged warranty (5 years instead of one) can be one of the explanations why  Chanel Increases Prices Worldwide for the Second Time in July 2021. As it was stated by the fashion house representative Bruno Pavlovsky numerous times, the company wants to provide better post-purchase care for its clientele.

Does Chanel Repair Without Receipt?

According to the new policy of the luxury fashion house displayed on the official website, proof of purchase from one of the official Chanel boutiques is required to enjoy care service. This is how Chanel is planning to combat the second-hand market and all resellers. It’s quite natural that the brand aiming to be exclusive doesn’t want to see its products being sold by unaffiliated resellers.

This new measure caused a big (and mostly frustrated) discussion: apparently, not everyone keeps the receipt. The bag may be given as a present, the ink may fade, the small piece of paper may be lost somewhere. So, customers that don’t have a proof of purchase will be rejected?

Not really. The strict receipt-only policy applies to new handbags, which are still under warranty and brought for refinishing or refurbishing. If your bag is more than 5 years old, you may be asked to provide a receipt, an authenticity card, or a dust bag. What will happen if you have none of these?

The SA may look your purchase up in the system to verify that you have actually bought the item in one of the boutiques. Usually, it doesn’t create any troubles and doesn’t take much time. We recommend contacting the store you are planning to visit and ask what they require (especially if the bag was purchased in another city or even another country).

Anyway, with or without receipt, your item will be authenticated by an expert before being accepted for repair. Keep in mind to always order an independent authentication, especially if you get your accessory pre-loved and the seller doesn’t provide a receipt.

Now, let’s move to the most important part of our guide and find out everything you need to know about Chanel repair when it comes to leather and hardware! Many fashionistas wonder, “Will Chanel fix my bag if something happens to leather?”. We are ready to give you the answer!

Will Chanel Repair Caviar Leather?

Caviar is the most popular material for Chanel handbags: it’s both durable and eye-catching. Purses made from caviar leather look classy and elegant. However, some damages may change the flawless look of your designer accessory. Will Chanel do anything to get it renewed?

First, repair services don’t cover any wear and tear. In this case, you should consider searching for a third party – there are plenty of premium quality services that offer bags spa and treatment.

Second, Chanel won’t accept any purse for refinishing or refurbishing if it is older than one year (or 5 years for the purses bought since April 2021). What are these two services include?

  1. Refinishing is a process of re-applying pigment to the exterior.
  2. Refurbishing is a complete repair service: hardware, piping, and stitching replacement. It also includes refinishing.

Will Chanel Repair Lambskin?

Delicate lambskin is another popular leather that is used for the production of iconic accessories. Despite its gorgeous look and soft finish, it may soon lose it all, if not treated with care. Lambskin is a magnet for scratches and stains, for example.

What will Chanel do about damaged lambskin? The same rules as with the caviar leather apply here. The brand won’t fix a hole in the bag and will accept only the models that are still under warranty for refinishing and refurbishing. Handles or shoulder straps can be accepted for repair.

Scratches and cracks are not repairable. Chanel asks the clients to take care of their accessories and appreciate gentle aging.

Will Chanel Repair Hardware?

Chains, CC-locks, clasps, snap buttons – Chanel is known for its love for signature hardware details. Yet, they can also get scratched, peel off, lose color, or get chipped. Replacing hardware is one of the main services that the fashion house provides.

Regardless of the age of your purse, it will be accepted for repair. Note that the fashion house never restyle the initial design of its items. Chains won’t be shortened if you ask them to do so, the color of the hardware won’t be changed upon your desire, the lock will be in the same style (as close to the original version as possible).

Now, that we have answered the most vital question “Under what conditions will Chanel fix my bag?”, it’s time to pay attention to other accessories offered by the brand and learn everything you need to know about Chanel repair of wallets.

Will Chanel Repair a Wallet?

Small leather goods are always a nice addition to a stylish outfit. However, they are also the most used items and can potentially reveal some issues faster than the bags. Tarnished hardware, rubbed corners, broken zippers – there are lots of unpleasant things that can spoil the perfect look of your accessory.

Don’t hesitate to bring your item to the boutique! Chanel will totally accept wallets if the snap button is not working anymore or the logo is starting to chip off. SA has to see the condition of your wallet to decide whether anything can be done to bring it back to life.

Will Chanel Repair My Sunglasses?

Sunglasses have long stopped being just useful protection for the eyes, but turned into a luxury accessory. They can alter the shape of your face, add the final touch to your outfit and hairstyle, and… sadly, they can also be damaged.

Scratches on the lenses, crackings on the frame – there are so many things that can go wrong, and you won’t be able to enjoy your accessory the same way you did before. What to do in this case? Cry over 500 USD you have just lost?

No need to worry! Bring your sunglasses to the Chanel boutique or store and ask what can be done about them. In most cases, they will be accepted for repair.

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Will Chanel Repair Vintage Bags?

With the new rules and prolonged warranty, there are still dozens of questions that concern the owners of vintage pieces. Has Chanel stopped fixing all the bags that are more than 5 years old? What to do with the precious vintage model if it reveals some issues?

There are several things to know when it comes to vintage model repair:

  • There is quite a low chance that there will be vintage locks or zippers in stock available for replacement.
  • Old models can be quite delicate. Even with the excellent craftsmanship, it will be very hard to restore the initial look of a purse without causing any additional damage.
  • You most certainly may try your luck with bringing it to the boutique for repair, yet the policy of the brand clearly states that the work of an artisan should not be changed in any way.

How Does Chanel Repair Work?

What is the process of professional repair offered by the French luxury brand? Let’s see the main steps to be done if you found any problem with your Chanel item that you want to be fixed!

  1. Find the closest boutique or Chanel store. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to ship the bags or accessories via mail or delivery company. You have to be physically present in the store with your item.
  2. Don’t hesitate to contact the chosen store first. Briefly describe the issue and ask what they require – it may be a receipt, authenticity card, etc. Remember that evaluation cannot be done over the phone. You need to bring the item to the boutique.
  3. After-Sales specialist will evaluate the accessory and submit your request for repair. After that, you get the receipt with all the information about the services to be done.
  4. Here you say goodbye to your designer item and patiently wait for a call or an email. You will be contacted only once, when the repair is finished, so no need to call them every week, asking for updates.
  5. You may track the process on the official website.
  6. When you get a call from the boutique, come and collect your renewed item. Don’t forget to inspect it thoroughly upon receiving. It’s an essential stage of the process, as some issues still may not be fixed.

Note that at any stage of this process, you may also be told that your accessory cannot be repaired. For example, a bag or sunglasses can be accepted by After-Sales specialist but come back unchanged. Why can this happen?

  • The item has been discontinued (there are no materials for replacement or repair).
  • The item is too old/vintage.
  • The item is not authentic.
  • The damage is too severe and restoration may ruin the purse.

In all other cases, be sure to get your lovely accessory back as good as new. How long will you have to wait? Let’s find out!

How Long Does Chanel Repair Take?

The French brand is proud of its excellent craftsmanship and states that each piece is treated uniquely. Moreover, don’t be surprised to find out that your bag or wallet is going to travel to France for repair.

That’s totally normal!

Chanel wants to make sure that each model comes back to its owner in its original state. After all, all purses are produced by European artisans and are mostly repaired by them as well. If you still believe in rumors about Chanel made in China, be sure to check our article – Where Are Chanel Handbags Made?

It is actually hard to tell the exact timing required for repair. It depends on the severity of the issue, on availability of materials, and some additional reasons. Typically, the specialist will provide the approximate waiting time (usually, it’s between 4 and 6 weeks). However, this period can be longer as more and more fashion lovers share their actual experience on purse forums and report they had to wait for 3-4 months and even more.

Be patient, as restoration actually requires lots of time. There are also some factors that extend the waiting time – like the closure of the workshops because of the pandemic. The waiting time has been extended to 8-10 weeks nowadays.

Not inspiring, to be honest, yet there is no choice. You can find out How Covid-19 Affected The Luxury Market in our research and see that most of the brands were hit hard by the pandemic.

Does Chanel Do Free Repairs?

With such a hefty price tag, it’s natural to expect that Chanel will perform all repairs for free, right? However, this is not true. All leather goods that are still under warranty can be repaired complimentary. In all other cases, you will be quoted by the specialist before submitting your request.

Free-of-charge repair policy applies to:

  • Purses that are less than 1 year old (for all items purchased until April 2021).
  • Purses that are less than 5 years old (for all items purchased since April 2021).

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Chanel Bag?

There is no official price list that tells you the cost of piping replacement or shoulder strap change. It all depends on multiple factors, like the severity of damage, country of your residence, and the amount of work to be done.

It is hard to predict how much you are going to be charged. The purse forums are full of examples, yet the cost or repair can vary. It can be as low as 50 USD for a minor repair, or go up to several hundred dollars if you are planning a major restoration.

Don’t be shy to specify the price for everything you want to get repaired, as the final choice is totally up to you!

As an owner of a designer purse, you are more privileged in terms of services provided than s person buying mass-market accessories. Yes, the high cost comes with its benefits such as warranty and a possibility of premium repair. If you are somehow unhappy with the state of your leather goods, be sure to contact the After-Sales specialist of the brand and specify “Will Chanel fix my bag?”. We hope you found your answer in this article and got everything you need to know about Chanel repair services.

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