Christian Dior Price Increase: Updated Dior Bag Prices 2021

The year 2021, which everyone hoped to be better than 2020, has just begun but so far when it comes luxury purses prices, it doesn’t seem so good. First, Louis Vuitton in January, then Chanel, and now Dior, following the trend, all raised their prices. In Dior’s case, though, after Louis Vuitton, it was quite predictable with it being part of the LVMH French conglomerate.

Christian Dior price increase went into effect on February 1, 2020 in the USA. Prices went up on most categories, including scarves, ready to wear, footwear, other accessories, and, of course, bags. So how much does it cost to own Dior in 2021? Here is the updated Dior bag prices 2021. 

How Much are Dior Bags in 2021? Updated USA Prices


As usual, before the actual price increase there were many rumors coming from SAs, and everyone expected a bigger change. And, of course, these disturbing news pushed some to purchase an item they had been eyeing. These people are divided into 2 groups: some are happy to have been able to grab their favorite purse, others regret their impulse buying because of the misinformation spread. The second group is a bit annoyed that they bought into the panic but consider it lesson learned saying that now they know that 20% increases are rare and probably don’t happen.

However, we already saw from the previous increases this year – fortunately, not with Chanel, but with Louis Vuitton – that prices do go up by 20%, especially if it is trendy mini bags. If you are currently searching for one, here is our guide on Best Designer Mini Crossbody Bags That Deserve To Be In Your Collection.

With Dior, the largest increase seems to be for the Saddle and Book Totes, especially in the smaller sizes. Dior Mini Saddle went up by 20%, and men’s Mini Saddle went up by the shocking 35%! It must be one of the biggest increases this year among the three brands. 

Besides, straps went up as well and now cost $1,200. So if you were planning to buy a Saddle with a strap – you are looking at an overall increase of $550. $450 increase for the bag and additional $100 for the strap.

Another surprise for most Dior fans – newer styles like the Caro and Bobby also increased. 

The iconic Lady Dior wasn’t spared either, with Mini being $350 more and other sizes – $300 more. If you want to know more about this gorgeous purse, read our Lady Dior ultimate reference guide on the most iconic Christian Dior bag . And if you are looking for other Christian Dior styles, be sure to check our Top 10 Most Iconic Dior Bags That You’ll Never Regret Buying.

Reactions to Christian Dior Price Increase 2021

Luxury bag lovers are getting more and more upset as luxury brands gradually announce their price increases one by one, and are now anticipating another round of price increases later in the year. 

The most common reactions you come across on forums are “disappointing”, “sad”, “insane”. But with Dior bags there are two main concerns. First, just like LV and Chanel, a huge price tag for Dior purses doesn’t match the quality. Second, as opposed to LV and Chanel, Dior bags don’t hold their value. So, it makes buyers think about whether they really need another bag from Dior.

Especially, if you compare prices of a Lady Dior Mini which is now $4,300 and of a Chanel Mini Flap that costs $4,000 (rectangular version), what would you rather get – a pretty Dior bag or a Chanel investment piece that is $300 less? By the way, here is How Much Chanel Is Now After January 2021 Price Increase in the USA.  

And, as expected, more and more people will now turn to resellers, to the market of pre-owned luxury that is on the rise right now.

Have you managed to grab a Dior piece at the last moment? How do you like updated Dior bag prices 2021? Share your thoughts in comments!

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