Beginner’s Guide to Bag & Brand Talks Forum

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Bag & Brand Talks is a place where we can ask questions, share opinions, provide help with fellow Reetzy members.

Here is a simply breakdown of how you can begin using the Bag & Brand Talk forum.

  • Step 1: Browse through forums and discusssions to find topics that interest you. Our main talk forum is broken down to the brands/designers.
  • Step 2: Begin asking/talking with fellow members! You can post your own discussion by clicking ‘New Discussion’ on the topic page. You can also reply to other Reetzy member’s discussions by clicking ‘Reply’ on the discussion page.

If you started your discussion thread, you should be able to see your posts on the ‘My Discussion‘ section, which can be found on the left Panel, and on ‘Forums’ section on your profile page.

Do you have topics that you wish to follow?
You can click ‘Subscribe‘ the forum main topics (e.g. Louis Vuitton) or Subforums (e.g. Authenticate this Louis Vuitton), and you will be notified when a new discussion/reply has been posted!

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