Prohibited Items on Reetzy

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Reetzy may not be used to sell any of the following products or services:

  • Anything illegal
  • Stolen goods:
    Note: If a purchased item is reported as stolen, a demand for return may be received from the victim or another party, and the item may be confiscated according to the regulations of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Act no. 131 of 1948).
  • Counterfeit goods or goods infringing on a third party’s intellectual property rights such as:
    * Listings of non-brand, non-genuine, imitation, fake, or replica
    * Items in violation of a copyright, including handmade, or other items with copyrighted characters, brand logos, etc.
    Note: We highly recommend you include information (photos or details) such as serial numbers, date codes, heatstamp, authenticity information, or receipts when listing your item.
    Tip: You can ask our community for help with authenticating your item if you’re not 100% certain about the authenticity of your item. Check out your group’s authentication forum for help.
  • Items not in your possession
    * Advertisements or listings for objects being sought
    * Items you do not currently have that are on order
    * Coupons to purchase products (such as gift cards, coupons, deals, etc)
  • FDA restricted items such as food, homemade food, drugs, food supplements, vitamins, diet products, muscle enhancers, home remedies, and homemade cosmetics
  • Items that do not fit the category provided in Reetzy Service
  • Items that are a safety hazard or weapons
  • Age restricted products or products that require a legal approval or licenses to be sold
  • Digital items – any items where the order is fulfilled electronically or requires a download, including but not limited to: digital accounts, Ebooks, etc.
  • Explicit and offensive items (determined at our discretion)

Please note: Any item may be removed at our sole discretion.

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