How can I sell fast?

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This is a tough question, but we get this question a lot! Here are some tips that will help you speed up the sale

  • Take good photos of your item. A picture is worth a thousand words. You can upload up to 12 photos of your item so take time to snap beautiful photos in different angles to provide a holistic and beautiful view of what you are selling!
    – We have found that having a photo of yourself demonstrating how it actually looks when being worn gives tremendous assurance to your buyer, leading to a faster and satisfactory sale!
    – Including a photo of your item with your name card (a card with your name) also gives the potential buyer a ease of mind.
  • Write detailed description of your item. The more detailed your listing, the better chance of selling fast. Take time to curate your listing to make it attractive and informative to buyers.
  • Lower your price. This is common sense, but the better the price, the faster it’s sold.
  • Engage in Reetzy group. Build your name by being active on Reetzy groups. People will recognize you and start ‘following’ you!
  • Communicate well with your buyer. Be responsive and professional in communicating with your buyer through messages. Talk to your buyers frequently, and in a friendly manner.
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