How do I price my item?

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We want to help you find the optimal price so that your item sells fast and you will be satisfied with your earnings!

Think about your item’s condition, popularity, rareness, seasonality, and retail price when setting your price.

Here are some helpful pricing tips:

  • Search for similar items that have sold on Reetzy and compare what price range they were sold at.
  • Some vintage or limited edition items have higher resale value than others. Do a quick research to find out on Reetzy.
  • Negotiate with interested buyer. If a buyer sends you a message to negotiate, settle on a price that you and the buyer will be happy with.
  • Ask the Reetzy members. A lot of the members are knowledgeable when it comes to what sells at how much. Try asking members or group admins for their advice, and don’t forget to be polite! Use the ‘Bag & Brand Talks’ forum to write your post.
  • Test the market. If your item hasn’t sold in 2-3 days, consider lowering the price. You can always adjust the price of your item until it sells. To change the price of your item, simply go to My Seller Dashboard > Products > Hover over your item and click ‘Edit’
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