How does Reetzy work?

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Here’s a simple breakdown of how Reetzy works!

Groups Members

  • Step 1: Join groups that you maybe interested in.
    For private groups, group admins will review your request to check that you have your real name and a profile photo of yourself) and approve your membership. For public groups, you are able to join the group immediately when you simply click ‘Join Group’
  • Step 2: Once your group membership has been approved, you can start view what group members are selling and talking about.
    As most groups have their own group rules, please make sure you review the group rules by checking Group page -> Forums to find its rules.
  • Step 3: Start participating! Make yourself at home and feel free to ask questions and start sharing your stories with us. We’re in the group because we all share the same love, so don’t be shy, we’re here to support you!


  • Step 1: Apply to become a seller on Reetzy. To begin, head to ‘My Seller Dashboard’ page which can be found on the top of our website.
  • Step 2: After you have been approved, you can list your item by going to ‘My Seller Dashboard’ page. You can also add your own coupons to give special discounts for your clients!
  • Step 3: When a buyer buys your item, full payment will go directly to your Paypal account, and we will notify you about this sale via email!
  • Step 4: Ship your item and update your order on your ‘My Seller Dashboard’ page! Once your buyer receives the item, they’ll submit a review and your transaction will be completed


  • Step 1) Browse through Reetzy’s selection of beautiful handbags, shoes, and accessories on our website!
  • Step 2) Found something you like? Ask the seller if you have any questions by sending them a private message.
  • Step 3) Let’s get that beauty! Simply place an order, and we’ll let you know as soon as it ships! To protect you, Reetzy Support Team and fellow group members are always in place to make sure you receive your item as described.
  • Step 4) Receive your item and submit a review of your seller. Enjoy!
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