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On Reetzy, each seller has their own return policy.

Please make sure to review return policy of an item on Item Page > Shipping section before you make your purchase.

To return an item,

1. First, make sure your order qualifies for your seller’s return policy.

2. Message your seller (how to message seller?) to notify your seller that you’d like to return your item. Let them know what issue you have with the purchase, and work out the details on returns (who pays for shipping, etc). When everything goes as planned, your seller will refund your payment via Paypal, your original source of payment.

3. If your seller is unresponsive or you can’t resolve the case between yourselves, you can follow Paypal’s online dispute resolution process (Click) through the Paypal Resolution Center to pursue a claim under Paypal’s Purchase Protection program. This might allow you to start a direct conversation with the seller regarding your issue with the transaction that may help resolve the dispute.


  • Please note: To maintain Reetzy as a safe and fun marketplace, we may take away your account privileges for repeated disputes of your Reetzy orders. We ask you to enter into a transaction in good faith, review return policy and ask all questions to your seller before you make a purchase, and try to work it out with your seller constructively before you file a dispute via Paypal.
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