How do I talk to a Seller?

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If you’re interested in a particular item and would like more information, you can start a conversation with the seller in two ways:

    1. To communicate through private messaging, you need to be ‘connected’ with the seller member. To send a connection request, go to the member’s profile page by clicking his/her name, and click the ‘Connect’ button on his/her page. Once the member accepts your connection request, you’ll get an email notification and you will be able to initiate a private message by clicking ‘Message’ button on his/her page. If you’re already connected with the member, you can also begin your conversation in your Inbox -> New Message -> Enter member’s name to find and send message.
    2. To leave a public message, you can write on the member’s wall. To do so, go to the member’s profile page and you’ll see an area to write on his/her wall.


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