Seller Guideline

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This guideline will help you run smooth sales and protect you as a seller.

– Your selling of the item must not violate any local, federal, or state regulations

– Draft a detailed item description when listing your item, including:

* Accurate Size
* Condition
* Proof of authenticity

– Provide a clear return policy: Make sure your return policies are easy to understand. You can edit your return policy by going to: My Seller Dashboard > Settings > Shipping page.

– Your listing must be a legal item owned by yourself, ready to ship once sold

– Your item must be allowed for sale on Reetzy (Prohibited items on Reetzy)

– Add clear photos taken yourself – they must be actual, not stock, photos of your item. (Yes, including new items!)

– Ship your item within 7 days of order placement

– Always provide a valid tracking number after you ship your item

– We (Reetzy) must be able to confirm delivery through a valid tracking number. This means you as a seller are responsible for making sure your item has been successfully delivered to your buyer

– Be responsive: No one likes to wait. Respond quickly and professionally to all reasonable buyer inquiries.

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