Buyer Guideline

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Reetzy is a safe and fun place you can shop and have fun! Please make sure to read and follow the guideline as Buyers are only protected if they follow the Buyer Guidelines.

  • Do not buy items that are not allowed on Reetzy (Click here to learn more about Prohibited Items on Reetzy)
  • Do not buy from listings that include more than 1 item
  • Do not buy outside of Reetzy. By purchasing on Reetzy via your Paypal account, your order qualifies for Paypal’s Purchase Protection Program (Click here to learn more). We will not be able to help you with purchases outside of Reetzy.
  • Make sure you review your Seller’s return policy on the item page.
  • Communicate via private message with the Seller to gather information concerning the item’s details and conditions prior to purchasing. For example, you can ask about defects such as wears, stains, rips, tears, dents, stains, odors, or damages.
  • Make sure you are ordering what you will keep. In general, all sales are final and we do not allow Returns for your change of mind.
  • Request a valid tracking number from your Seller
  • Inspect the item upon delivery, and do not rate your seller until this point
  • Rate your Seller and tell us how it went. Let’s help each other to shop with confidence!
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