How do I list an item?

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Step 1.  You must first apply to sell on Reetzy. Head to My Seller Dashboard page and let us know your selling information.

Step 2.  Once you have been approved as a seller, go to My Seller Dashboard -> Settings page and go through each ‘Store’, ‘Branding’, and ‘Shipping’ tabs to configure your own Reetzy shop.

Step 3.  Head to your My Seller Dashboard > Products page and click ‘List Item’ button.

Step 4.  Tell us about your item. Make sure you fill in all the information (including ‘Product Categories’ by clicking ‘Add Category’ button). Add up to 12 photos to show your item from different angles.

Step 5.  Set your price and your shipping information, then click ‘List Item’ button to publish your listing!


You can always come back to edit and delete your published listings by going to My Seller Dashboard > Products > Hover over your item and click ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ button.

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