How do I message my buyer?

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If you need to contact a buyer about a sold item:

  1. Go to Buyer’s profile page and click ‘Connect’ button  to connect with your buyer.
  2. Once the buyer accepts your connection request, you can click the ‘…’ button on the buyer’s profile page, and click ‘Send Message’ to send private messages to the buyer.
    If you’re already connected with the member, you can also begin your conversation in your Inbox -> New Message -> Enter member’s name to find and send message.

We will send you an email notification when you have received a message, and you can click the Inbox icon on top, to check your messages.

You can also write on the buyer’s wall on his/her profile page, to communicate publically with the buyer.

Admin’s tip: Please reply to messages in a fast and accommodating manner! (Our research shows that how fast and how well you respond to buyer’s message directly determines the review your buyer leaves you!)

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